Monday, July 20, 2009

Solar Eclipse of July

This year we will have (or have had) six eclipses, three of which occurring during the months of summer. We have already had one at the beginning of the month. It was a Lunar Eclipse, in the sign of Capricorn. The next eclipse will be on July 21st, in Cancer. This will be followed by another Lunar Eclipse on August 5th.

It is interesting to note that the lunation cycle that begins with the Solar Eclipse on the 21st will not only have the New Moon as an eclipse, the accompanying Full Moon will also be an eclipse.

That makes this lunation cycle a very powerful one. The lunation cycle begins at the New Moon and runs until the next New Moon. This process takes approximately 28 days.

Another interesting fact about the summer eclipses is that the Solar Eclipse on July 21st is in the critical 29th degree. This degree, most often referred to as the Anaretic Degree, is sometimes also called the Karmic Degree. This could bring about of feeling of something coming to a close and a new beginning right around the corner.

People born with their Suns or Rising Signs at the 29th degree of any sign often like to rescue those less fortunate than themselves. Therefore it could be a good time for these individuals, and for that matter all people, to take a good look at how much they really give to those in need. It may be unbalanced by being way too much or way too little. Remember Cancer is the sign associated with mothering and nurturing. It is sign associated with family, our own nuclear family and the family of mankind as a whole.

Another thing to consider is that besides having a powerful eclipse at a karmic degree, the lunation is also going to be trining Uranus and inconjuncting Pluto. Even though Pluto is in an early degree of Capricorn and the eclipse is the last degree of Cancer it is still an inconjunct, albeit an out of sign aspect, but one nonetheless. A person would have to take a good look at their chart to what natal planets may be involved to get a better idea of how these aspects will manifest themselves.

Under the influence of this eclipse family relationships may be put to the test. Families in general may undergo strain in the months ahead. Many of these situations could be very karmic in nature.

Events that happen during the next year or so could be prime examples of mass karma. Many astrologers believe that at the time of the eclipse is when souls enter and leave this earth. Some beings who are old or ill may take this opportunity to pass on to the other side. There also be an increase in birth rates under this influence.

This eclipse will be very strong for people who have planets in the later degrees of the cardinal signs; Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries


  1. Will people in North America be able to view this Solar Eclipse? All the info I've read states that it will be seen somewhere on the other side of the world. Do eclipses still have an effect on signs, if we cannot view them?

  2. Eclipses are felt the same no matter if they can be viewed or not.