Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daily Moon Watch

Since the Moon is in my first house I am very much preoccupied with the luminous satellite. I need to know where the Moon is at all times, and if I don’t know I pretty much have a good idea of where it is dependent on the way I feel. I pay close attention to the monthly lunations, especially the eclipses. Since the Moon does govern our emotions, it is a good indicator of the overall general backdrop that colors a situation at any given time. I have noticed that when the Moon is in Gemini people, in general, seem to be a little bit more talkative. When the Moon is in Cancer people are a bit more sensitive. And when the Moon is in Pisces, I don’t know what the heck to think. Now obviously a lot depends on the natal aspects that are inherent in a person’s chart, and how the Moon could set some of these off in its daily transit. Some astrologers believe that the Moon is not strong enough of an influence in to set off a natal aspect in the birth chart, but I believe that is not the case. So many times when the Moon sets off my natal square from Mars to Uranus, by transit, my impulsiveness gets the best of me. I find I am a bit more indulgent when the Moon makes a transit to my natal trine from my Sun to my Jupiter. The Moon is a timely and fun thing to watch for some overall general information regarding the mood of the day, but also in relationship to an individual’s natal chart and the aspects therein.

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