Sunday, October 18, 2009

Releasing Our Anger

Scientists used to think that the fast tempo and intense drive of Type A personalities helped to create health problems in those individuals. But a current study has many scientists changing their minds. The real cause of the illness in these driven people is really deep-rooted anger.

Everyone gets angry now and then. If someone cuts you off while driving, the natural impulse is to feel anger. This impulse is an innate reaction that stems from our primordial genes. It's a body signal that says fight or flight may be necessary.

Hatred is the real enemy. Anger must be erased before it turns into hate. Anger is like a knife. When its' continually held toward the world, it slowly turns in our hands to point at us. Hatred is a terrible disease, sapping one's precious time and energy in evil plans and ill intentions. The fight response recoils into bitter revenge. The flight response turns into feelings of imprisonment.

Anger becomes heated for a reason. It's too hot for us to hold onto without burning ourselves. We need to let it go. Problems arise when we can't run away from the source of our anger. Perhaps it's a spouse who likes to use us as their scapegoat. Whatever the cause may be, long-held anger will manifest itself as illness and pathological problems.

We need to find a way to release these negative feelings in order to heal ourselves. Even if we can't totally forgive, at least we can stop holding onto the anger and stop using it as a channel of unhealthy energy. By seeing that hatred is self-destructive and can become self-directed, we take the first step toward a more positive way of living.

We choose to hate. We choose to hold onto our anger. We can always quit our job. We can always quit our job. We can always leave an unhealthy relationship. What we hate is ourselves for our inability to take positive action by breaking free from our torment. It's hard to recognize that our problems can be own fault.

After active hatred becomes a thing of the' past, the next step towards wellness is moving to a higher understanding. This is when hatred becomes pity. After this, pity can turn into assistance. Love erases hatred. It's the cure for all spiritual diseases.

It makes no difference what personality type you are. The real measure of a person's well being is their capacity to love. Be healthy by filling your heart with pure and simple love.

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