Saturday, May 23, 2009

The New Moon, Mercury and Pluto

On Sunday May 31st we will experience a New Moon in Gemini. This New Moon could be extremely important because it comes on the tail end of a month long period of Mercury being retrograde in motion. Mercury turns direct on the 30th, a week after the lunation. When Mercury turns direct it goes over the ground it covered during the retrograde period and the weeks preceding it while the planet was travelling in direct motion.

Plans and activities that began during the direct period could have hit a snag during the month of May. When the planet moves forward, those plans and activities can proceed unhampered by the Mercury retrograde influence.

If changes or adjustments were not made during May they will be made during the next few weeks as Mercury travels over the ground it initially did roughly between the dates of April 23nd to May 6th. Changes and adjustments are the keywords here. This is especially significant because the New Moon on the 31st will be inconjuncting the planet Pluto. Inconjusts are the aspect of necessary adjustment. This transit will help facilitate that action and help to be an instrument of modification, alteration and adaption during this lunation period.

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