Thursday, June 4, 2009

Venus (and Mars) in Taurus

On the last day of May, Mars entered the sign of Taurus. Now, on June 6, Venus will join Mars in that sign. With this double shot of this steadfast sign, now is the time to concern ourselves with practical, down to earth matters. There could be a desire to be more grounded and act methodically in matters ruled by Venus. This transit of Venus is of added significance because Venus rules the sign of Taurus.

Venus is very comfortable in the sign of Taurus. Comfortable to the point slowing down quite a bit to enjoy the nicer things that life has to offer. Good food. Fine wine. Anything that appeals to the senses. Just be careful not to take it all to the point of overindulgence.
You may find yourself spending money on things that are aesthecially pleasing. Fashion, art, furniture and any kind of home d├ęcor. On the opposite side of the spectrum you could find yourself putting some monies away for a rainy day.

Lest we not forget that Venus is the planet of love. If you are in a relationship tangible and physical expressions of love are in order. If you are looking for that special someone, now could be the time to zero in on any potential lovers. Do watch however for a tendency to be a little too possessive under this influence. This is especially true now as Mars is also traveling through the sign of ruled by Venus.

Whatever does come your way during the Venus and Mars transit of Taurus, it should be a period of slowing down a bit action filled ride of having both of these personal planets in the sign of Aries, during the month of May.

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