Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice

This year the summer begins on Sunday June 21 at 1:45 am EDT. That makes this day the longest day of the year. This occurs because the earth is now circling the Sun with its axis tilted at about 23 degrees. Now the Northern Hemisphere is the closest to the Sun as it will be all year long. The opposite will occur in December when the Northern Hemisphere tilts away from the Sun. That is when we experience the shortest day of the year.

Astrologically this is when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. In general terms this is a time when we can tune into the emotional side of our nature. This includes not only our feelings, but our needs and nurturing instincts. Also our connection to the home and family. Our most basic sense of belonging.

Our support unit does not necessarily have to be ones family. Our family of origin or our chosen family one has as an adult. It is those people that help satisfy our need for belonging.

Now is a good time to turn our attention to those who nurture us as well as those who we in turn nurture. Think about ways that we as supportive individuals can help care for those who help us in our own time of need.

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