Monday, June 22, 2009

New Moon in Cancer

Today, June 22, we will experience a New Moon. This New Moon will occur at 1 degree of Cancer at 3:35 EDT

The New Moon is the start of the lunation cycle. It is the time when the Moon meets the Sun in the sky. When the Moon and the Sun are in conjunction with each other. When the conscious mind can blend with the subconscious.

This is an especially strong New Moon because the Sun is still pretty much at the powerful Solstice point, just a little more than a degree away. Also, this New Moon begins a lunar month whose Full Moon, which will occur 2 weeks from now, is also a Lunar Eclipse. A Lunar Eclipse is an important kind of Full Moon whose influence can last up to 6 months.

New Moons are usually a good time to start things. To initiate projects. This is even truer when the lunation is in a cardinal sign like Cancer. Cardinal signs are by nature real initiators of action.

Since Cancer is the sign that governs our emotions, this lunar month would be a good time for us to examine our true inner feelings. What are the real sentiments that motivate our actions and responses to people and situations?

Cancer is all about nurturing and emotional security which occurs within ourselves and in our relationships with others. If you are having trouble with a loved one or family member this New Moon would be a perfect time to begin a path of healing for yourself and the other individual.

On a more mundane level, it’s a time when a person could try to start a home project or begin to plan on doing some kind of work on the house. Clean out the attic or the garage. Do not be surprised if you don’t come across some old family heirlooms. Since the home is a sanctuary were we go to recharge our body mind and spirit we could find ourselves creating a sacred space were a person could be nourished and recharged.

A very significant feature of this particular New Moon is that it is in direct opposition to the planet Pluto in Capricorn. We may find that we could experience direct opposition to the course of action we wish to take. It could end up being a power struggle between us and this opposing force.

If a person has knowledge of their natal chart, they can look to the two houses where these positions of Cancer and Capricorn are located. By doing this one can get a better idea of what areas of life may be affected.

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