Friday, June 12, 2009

Mercury in Gemini

During the evening on the 13th of June, Mercury will enter its own sign Gemini for a quick three week stay. The last time Mercury traveled through Gemini was during May and June of 2008. That time because of retrograde motion, Mercury was in Gemini for roughly a six week period.

Now Mercury did stick its head into Gemini for a couple of weeks in May. It then turned retrograde and went back into Taurus. Now it’s coming back at full speed for a 21 day stay in Gemini.

This time the action of Gemini is going to be swift and direct.

When Mercury is in Gemini, we are especially communicative and sociable. Under this influence we could talk, talk, talk and talk. It may seem like we are always on the move, going from one place to another.

Mercury in its own sign favors logic and learning. Things that we learn now is information gathered on a superficial level. Also, communication flows more freely and you are able to put your ideas into meaningful words. Mercury traveling in this sign corresponds with important decisions or the formulation for plans in the future.

The energies of Mercury in Gemini are often scattered so this can be a period of time when we are easily distracted. It could be difficult to give attention to any one matter for an extended period of time. Also plenty of nervous energy at this time.

Social activity could lend itself to short distance travelling. There could be an increase in communications with siblings and those living within our immediate environment.

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